Wednesday, 16 November 2011

NaNoWriMo all year round?

So we reached the half way point in days... I am not half way through my novel. Although I can now boost of 22000 written words my novel in itself is probably more like 1/3 through the story-line that I had planned. So far I am still not decided on how the complete novel will look. Will I have to split it into 2 books because there are many more ideas for characters that I want to use? Or do I just stick with one very long novel? I guess time will tell when I get to the other end. Right now with some growing of a spine I will be ready for putting this into the editors by late december/early january which is more than acceptable. The big question on my mind now is what happens after NaNo. Should I make it a bi-monthly thing where I just sit down and force myself to write those pesky 2000 words that authors are supposed to be able to produce a day to call themselves succesfull? Maybe it would be less intense if I lowered the word count pr day and instead tried to create something that was actually worth reading. All these questions can only be answered with; time will tell.

Oh btw. Played and finished Space Marines, meh...

Monday, 14 November 2011


Yep that's right. The 20 k mark is reached and I am finally down to being done on the 4th of december with my current writing speed opposed to 14th of january when I started this week.
Watching the cat sleeping next to me at the moment fills me with much needed calm and happiness. It is my birthday in 2 weeks and everyone is asking what I am going to arrange, I have no clue what to answer them as I am not sure I want to celebrate anything. It is just another candle in the cake after all.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


And so what? Deeply fascinated by all the people getting married today because they felt it would bring them luck from the universe and make them special. I will let in on a little secret; if you get married on a day like today you are not special because you are sharing it with a million gizilion others. Your date of marriage should be important because it is the day you are signing yourself over to that one special person, not just because the numbers were right. Numbers will not make your marriage a happy one nor will it keep you out of discussing the dishes or the toiletseat. Congratulations on making this decision and engaging in what will perhaps be one of the most important days of your life, lets leave it at that.

NaNo score says 12,5k, so working my way upwards and beyond. I had to write a sex scene today that I had not quite expected to write until this morning were it would not leave my mind. I am no good at sex scenes, not because I am prude or anything like that, but because I find myself giggling because describing his throbbing member seems so fanfic. To me my characters should enjoy the same freedom of choice as I have, so they chose to not show the scene in details but just end the paragraph at kissing and start the next one after insemination had taken place. The aliens will definately have a problem with this free will stuff that the humans have. Maybe this is why the mayor is brain-washed? I found out that the reason why Melissa Farley was so angry and evil has something to do with Aelfrec who seems to have started all the mess by leaving her for Cat and now he is hiding out as a cow (yeah he can't turn back or he doesn't want to turn back?)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Is the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything.
Greetings Ma Chara (my friend).
Rereading Hitchhickers Guide to attempt to bring some space into my story but sadly my characters have decided otherwise. Maz wants to get drunk, Farley wants to be important and Catherine... Well I don't know what Miss Firefly (Would she technically still be mrs even if her husband is a cow?) wants but I bet you anything that it doesn't involve torture, humiliation or questioning in front of hundreds of people on a cold april morning.
Found out that although I love Gaelic and wish that I remembered it better from my childhood days it comes slowly to me these days and remembering all the expressions is a pain in the butt when you have a druid who insists on using the language all the time. He wasn't planned, the group was not planned, the scene was not planned but I needed Maz to know for sure that Cat was the one he was searching for all along and even now that sounds cheesy in my head.
On a less creative note I am reading about buisness management and optimizing your workforce in a positive way were they can feel they are contributing to the changes that are happening. It is a bit dull so I have to keep telling myself that maybe some day when I have my own firm and need to use my HR back-ground it will come in handy knowing what questions to ask. Anyway, time to finish up the last 60 pages of school work so I can go make these two things:
Toffee apple crumble

AND do some swaps I am behind on AND do some wordsprints on NaNo. Will there be enough hours in the day? Only time will tell

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Very short blog as I am very very tired after 48 hours of constantly being pushed and pulled around by other people. It was fun, not amazing, but fun. Food was nice, most of the people were nice, I got to go to a fancy dress party and wear a mask while sipping champagne and eating Hours Douvers which turned out to be poisoned if you got the wrong ones. (of course only in the game silly nilly, although Salmon snack kills four LARPers would probably make headlines)
Came home to an email from one of the most inspirational people I know; Mrs Amanda Palmer. I linky linked her new song beneath:
<3 Love Amanda Palmer and after this I must learn to play the Ukulele!
And here is her blog about said song:

PS: This week we tried something new with ze foodbudget and I am proud to say that we are 10 Euroes under budget!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day 3 of NaNoWriMo

First off for the people who wondered where the food-stuff/project went, don't worry we are still doing it, it is not going as well as we had hoped, but trying to get it under control in a sense that I know where our money is disapearing to! This blog has been reactivated for NaNoWriMo instead because frankly that is pretty much what takes up most of my spare time at this point. That and the Firefly larp which is pretty much under control.

So I managed to clock up 4500 words all in all with the help of wonderful german inspiration. Thank you Angentel! For some reason a mysterious cow seemed to cause me more trouble than it was worth. Still can't quite figure out how it got there or what it wants me to do with it, but I did manage to make a good hiding place out of it. Maz discovered what the Time and Space Consortium was and did not seem impressed, neither by the fancy pink space ship or by Prof. Darwin Willard (still not quite sure about the name, might change it) Think the robots have pretty much fixed themselves now by looking a bit like WoW robots, just bigger. Luckily it will be a while before I have to deal with them, possibly not even during this NaNo.
Spent some time on the NaNo forums discovering more nice people who will make this a journey worthwhile. It seems like the Write-in tonight might actually happen, in any case I will go and see if anyone else shows up. If no people show up I will go home again and have another fiddle with the damned writing program. Maybe I should just stick to Word for now.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The day NaNoWriMo stole my soul!

So this is it. This year I will do it! The last two years I have started the project but never finished or I forgot to sign up and only discovered it after it ended. But this year I am entering National Novel Writing month and I pledge that I will finish my 50k word count by the end of this month (the contest ends on my birthday neat eh?)
My entry will be a post-apocalyptic, New Weird, Sci-fy novel called The Day they Descended. It will be kind of a Hitchhickers guide meets Dr.Who and I am very excited about it and the possibility of meeting fellow writers in my region.