Monday, 30 May 2011

Almost two months

So it has been almost two months since our project started, we have had ups and downs, mostly downs due to really unfortunately and unforseen things and the fact that our cats have been sick and our kettle broke down. Also trying to plan for a second wedding without knowing that kind of money we will have at that point, has proven to be more tricky that we thought.
But how has the 2 months been:..
Well turns out that eating on a budget is very simple because if we don't have money for it, we won't buy it. We are still pushing limits every week with a 25 euro budget, but it means that we use absolutely everything that we have in the fridge and cuppards, because we don't have a choice. We also found a cheaper catfood, that seems to have all the good stuff, but is about half the price of the vet-pro food.
We have both felt a decrease of headaches since we started cutting out sugar and salt in our diet, but coming back from weekends has turned out to be more tricky because we do share a bottle of coke pr weekend and the added sugar means eratic sleepinghabits, late nights and generel annoyance on weekdays because we don't get that sugarhigh. Now that summervacation and final thesis stride is coming up, I don't think it will be possible to completely eliminate sugar or coffee from my diet.

Better news is that my friend Elisabeth has started her own blog without us talking together at all for a very long time and she is doing a similar project in Finland where she lives now. Turns out that organic food is not as popular over there as here, but she seems to be managing most of the time. Here is her blog, which you should go read if you are interested in how organic lifestyles can still exsist in a fairly remote and cold place as Finland:

Recent future thoughts for me has involved considerations to do a PhD in litterature about Generation A, which is the generation that comes after Generation X. It is something I stumbled upon by chance, but found very very interesting as I have always considered what our generation would be called from a socio-scientific perspective. Reading Douglas Coupland really opened up my eyes to this topic, that I am definately going to dig into. ¨
Also considering getting a novel published with Avon, which is a sister department of Harper/Collins that specilize in romance novels in all kinds of genres including fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk.

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