Thursday, 24 May 2012

Still alive

Hello blog-land.
First off, I am still alive and in fairly good health, I have just been more than normally busy the last couple of weeks with slave-work and real editing jobs. I also had quite a run in with the unemployment people and their stupid rules for what I can and can't do, and most of all what they can't seem to agree on in regards to my case.
Other than that I have been gardening; cauliflower, strawberries, kale, potatoes, soya-beans, broad beans, cucumbers, chili plants, herbs, radishes, blueberries and tomatoes have all been yearning for my attention.
But I am still alive and kicking. I am starting prep for next months CampNaNo which has been even more confusing this year as I have many great ideas and I am not quite sure which one to work on. My old NaNo project is still lying dormant somewhere on my hard drive and I have pretty much not touched it since November. Am I destroying all my joy in writing by doing it this way or am I in reality just preparing myself to a life of many sleepless nights to meet deadlines and whatever follows when I get my head around self-publishing?
I dug out this old article for a fellow writing colleague today and was once again fighting my temper with this man.

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