Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 no more.

So the year is running out fast and in danger of sounding too much like a bad Christmas song, what have you done?
2011 was year I:
- Got married twice to the most wonderful man I could have ever found (yes, yes I know it is cheesy but it has to be included)
- Started on a long and dangerous route to becoming a vegetarian that has meant many failed meals, but also some new classics.
- Got my Masters degree (yay) and went directly to being unemployed (boo)
- Finished NaNoWriMo!
- Gave up on my first book ever because I am unsure if even rewrites can save it.

But most of all this was the year where I found some sort of standing in the world. Now that the year is almost over I can view my facebook friendlist with a good conscious. I might have lost some people along the way to become who I am today, but I am also embarking on wonderful relationships with new people in a creative space where I feel like an equal. I know I can contribute with vital skills in the writing community and that they give me so much in return. Without them there would probably never had been a Maz or a green cow, no space travelling aliens would have been conceived on my behalf or a story of parallel universes colliding.
2012 is waiting for me with more weightloss, more work, more fun and more love in my life than ever before and that is not a bad thing right?

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