Sunday, 8 January 2012

2012 can we try that again?

So the first week of 2012 has passed and what have I done? Absolutely nothing...
I don't know if it is my inner rebel telling me that if I really mean to go through with life changes I should not make them new years resolutions or I am just plain lazy. I would like to think that it is the first and not the latter, although further examination of the subject might be in order.
Fact of the matter is that these lifestyle changes are not a product of 2011 ending, but something that has been brewing for a long time. I do want a healthy lifestyle, I do want to publish a book and I do want to find a job I like. I don't want to make promises to myself or others that I can't keep and thought most of my goals would be easily doable without much of a change to my life. We will see if I was right! But instead of focusing on the negative I want to make a list every week of what I actually did manage to do maybe so I can encourage myself with sweet words to do more. This week I:
- Wrote 1038 words on my novel.
- Didn't use added salt or sugar to my diet when I cooked for myself.
- Managed to meditate 3 times!
- Bought weights for doing training at home.
- Got out of bed most days before 10 (woot thesis brain go away!)
- Made a birthday present and bought another two despite the fact that we have no money
- Edited a friend's book for free because I wanted to and didn't feel obliged to do it.
- Finished 3 books on the Kindle instead of starting new ones.
- Went out to socialize 2 times and one of them I actually took the initiative to do!
- Finally took the christmas decorations down.

Join me in celebrating the things that we did manage in this first week of 2012, instead of all the new years resolutions we didn't quite keep. It makes for a much happier world if we at least promise each-other that for every coming week of 2012 we will try to reach our goals a little harder. Afterall the turtle won the race, not the hare ;)

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