Friday, 20 April 2012

A-Z: A late comer.

So, sometimes life throws you an unexpected batch of lemons and you make a wonderful bucket load of the most fantastic lemonade that you could ever imagine and you can never replicate in your lifetime. This week has been a roller-coaster of ups and downs for me.

Firstly I discovered the wonders of Drawsome, a highly addictive game that sucks all the power out of my phone but hey who cares right? It is free and it allows me to reconnect with some of the people that I don't talk to often enough in my daily life. Then I got sick... I usually get a cold maybe once a year and live through a small amount of sniffles, but this time I got the mother load of all evil deceases that has had be bedridden for almost a week now. My whole body aches and there is nothing to be done about it. I even did something very unusual for me and stayed home from work, it was really that painful. So I thought, maybe now that I am home I could get some work done on my WIP so I can meet the subscription deadline that is lurking in a not too distant future. Well guess again! I managed to finish up a background story for an online roleplaying character and post it, much joy was had by all who read it and now they want more (there is always a catch right?)

So not having gotten anything done all week and feeling as socially acceptable as Jaime Lannister in his Stark imprisonment I was going to just forget all about this week. But then something miraculous happened! I don't mean in a walking on water or feeding a whole village with one fish, but a completely new way to view my creativity. I have lovely friends as I can honestly state over and over again, one of these friends I had not heard from in a while when she sent me a facebook message of much joy. She had a friend, who had once been an acquaintance of mine, and who she was sure would turn out to be a great friend for me as well. We share the same interests him and I, are pretty much engrossed in the same field and presto a whole new world of inspiration and inspirational people opened up! So thank you Hana for giving me this wonderful gift <3

Now my new friend and his friends and their friends are all doing something called the A-Z challenge which is basically making a blog post about something starting with different letter every day going in alphabetical order. They are doing one blog every day of April (except Sundays where the lord says we must rest, or something like that) and they are therefore on day 20 which is R. Although I have no change of catching up I might as well start from today and follow their course the rest of april. So here is my post about R. (For those people who just wanted to read my A-Z I am sorry you had to read the rant before getting to this point)

My R stands for Rowling, as in J.K Rowling. If you don't know who she is I am not sure I want to know you anymore ;) Just kidding of course. I am not sure what I think about her launch of an adult fiction book and how it will pan out for her. Obviously most people know her from Harry Potter and although it is always hard to satisfy the readers of a series, imagine the pressure that is on her now to perform and meet her own standards of writing. Lets face it, she could write the most wonderful book in the world and people would still always compare it to HP.
But enough about the void she will have to fill with her new book. This week I did something amazingly silly and joined because everyone else was doing it and I am the kind of person to follow online trends blindly. (I am StormKnight15522 if anyone feels the need to add me) I grew up with the HP books and was both looking forward to Pottermore but also a bit ambiguous. Would it live up to my expectations, would I learn anything new? Well first of all I wasn't disappointed other than with the way the sorting hat worked and it is not just because I am Hufflepuff which is not so bad as I am quite fond of food and goodhearted people but it seemed so random and not very well designed. The rest of the first book is really good, the design is good, the flow is good. Overall if people like the universe I would say try it out, what's the harm?


  1. Welcome to the blogoverse and it's quirky memes and challenges :)

    A nice entry with JKR - one of my favourite series of books, especially seeing as I resisted for so long in reading them. And now they've announced her adult book :)

    1. PS: it best to disable the secure word text thingy, for ease of use by other blogites to post comments quickly and easily - just something the A-Z peeps suggest ;)

    2. I should have changed it now. Have been looking for it for ages and never got around to it.

  2. Hey! I'm now following this blog to keep up with your stuff :) I'm so glad my message had such a positive effect on your week! I've always admired your writing skills and your dedication to your work. I thought you and Mark would get on well but never got round to introducing you but now seemed like a good time.
    Best of luck with you A-Z challenge!

  3. Cassandra,

    You will be my entry for tomorrow's letter 'S', under Blog Spot - so I'll be highlighting your blog and generate some traffic and new followers for your site :)

    Build it and they will come ;)

    Go to this site, and collect the A-Z tag, and read the rules - won't take long - and sign up too!

    1. Problem is I am super bad at customizing it myself. I should just get someone who knows what they are doing to take a look at it at some point.

  4. Indeed, you built it, Mark pointed at it and over I wandered. See? His mantra works...

    I'm a fan of JK Rowling too. We have two young kids (6 and 3) at home and I can't wait for the day when I can get them into the series. I really hope I can rediscover the books I read as a child through them. We have already done the Mr Men, so that's a positive start. Chronicles of Narnia next.

    I just thought I would note this. Hana seems to be some kind of mysterious blog deity. She has helped Mark and I out. Now you. Is she amassing her own virtul blog army?

    1. WAYNE! You star! :D Cassandra, lovely Wayne here is one of my good friends and founding member of my former role playing group going back to 1988 - 1989. His sense of humour is wickedly satirical at times, on others, just plain Mork & Mindy (brilliantly funny series at times with Robin Williams' first comedic outing on tv).

      Worst of all though, the swine can really write. So you've got a great blogite on your side :)

      Thanks for the support, Wayne ;)

  5. And thank you for wandering over! Always like to add more people to my general network as I find it hard to maintain a blog without knowing that at least someone reads my dribble.
    I think Hana is an evil bot alien hybrid that is trying to amass humans to rid the world of none nerds or something like that. Or at least that is my theory. Might have potential for a story!