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A-Z: W a little late

My W stands for World of Warcraft and yet another character back-ground that I started writing about but never finished. It was supposed to be the story of a young girl who expectantly is given a path that she was not quite expecting. Her teacher is a rough roguish kind of man who has killed almost as many as he has broken hearts and who has found a way to communicate with her through dreamworlds by tapping into unknown and quite dangerous magic.
I never wrote more than a chapter of her story as I stopped playing the character all together, but I imagine that it would have made quite a nice coming of age novel if it had been completed. Hopefully for the none WoWers following this blog it will still make sense. As with other stuff I have posted this story is not edited nor has it seen any public sharing at any point.

The story of Jinni:
The dream.
The night was cool and quiet. The only sound heard in Darnassus was the walking of the sentinels as they patrolled the streets.
But somewhere the moon fell on a young nightelf, who in her dreams could not find peace. The same dream almost every night for the last year. Since she had been sent to the temple of Elune by her father.
First it started of peacefully, her dream self was playing in her room with a doll of some sort, but the dream always changed character after a while. Men and women screaming, a door that flew open and a man who told her to get in the closet and hide. She had a sense that he was someone important to her, maybe a relative.
From the closet her dream self had a view through a crack to everything going on. Another man, she did not know entered the room. But this man was different, there was something frightening and yet beautiful about him. He was graceful as he sliced the other man’s throat. Her dream self gasped and the killer turned around. Those eyes as he searched the room, had some magical in them, she could not explain. She was sure that he knew she was there, but he didn’t do anything about it. A shiver ran through her young body. He just smiled, with a smear of blood across his face. And then he was gone.
Jinni awoke, heart thumbing hard in her chest. The moon that fell in the room brought her back to reality. Why this man and why now? She got up and put on her shoes and a shawl. Again she would spend the night by the altar of Elune seeking answer to questions which she didn’t want to carry. She walked cross the path in the moonlit town of Darnassus and sighed. She had long been a woman, but still had no purpose in life. Her father had sent her here in hopes that maybe priesthood would suit her, but she had soon given up and distanced herself from the daily work of the other priestesses. She now cooked and cleaned for them and they treated her as one of their own, telling her that Elune eventually gives everyone a path, but she did not believe them.
She entered the temple and saw to her astonishment that she wasn’t alone this night. At the altar sat a lady, younger than herself. She was the one that the high priestess had warned her about. She had taken her faith in her own hands, divorced an unfaithful husband and found another father for her child, a human Paladin. Disgrace was what the High Priestess had said. And yet she had been given a chance to redeem herself. They had cut of her hair and made her start over, but not once had Jinni heard her complain. They had even taken her child away and forbidden her to see her lover again, but the young nightelf still had a smile on her face and did all the unwanted chores without ever saying anything.
She looked up as Jinni sat down by the altar.
“Another sleepless night Miss Jinniye?” Jinni winced, only her father and the High Priestess insisted on calling her by her full name.
“Please, it’s just Jinni” The younger woman nodded and smiled. They sat there in silence for a while, both praying in their own way.
“You know it helps to talk about it Jinni, I know that you are down here every night.” Jinni looked at her puzzled.
“Every time a baby cries I think it’s my Moradae and I have to get up. I have often seen you walking towards the temple. Now please tell me what is on your mind.” Jinni sighed and looked at her hands. Maybe the priestess was right, maybe she would understand.
“I have this dream, a dream about a family being murdered and I feel like it’s a past that I have been a part off. Like some distant memory from another life, but that’s impossible. My family is safe and I’m sure my father would have told me if I had been witness to such a thing. “
“Have you talked to your father about this dream? Maybe he can explain it for you.” Jinni blushed and looked away.
“I sense there is more, something you are not telling me.”
“There is a man, the killer. There is something about him I cannot tell, like he is still out there waiting for me and I’m not sure that it is a bad thing. I mean he obviously killed that family, but in my dream when he looked at me, I sensed something else. A sense of warmth and love that he is not able to let out.”
The priestess looked a bit paler than usual, but still looked at Jinni.
“I knew a man like that once. He was a killer, but at the same time a friend. He did things, unforgivable things, but yet he still has a place in my heart.” The priestess got up and looked at the altar without really looking at it. 
“You need to talk to your father about it. Maybe Elune is showing you your path at last. It might be that this man needs your help, just as you need him. You must find him, I am sure of that.” Jinni arose as well and dusted herself off. She had the feeling that the conversation was over. She bowed to the priestess and left the temple, a little wiser on her path.

Priestess Anáwiel looked after the nightelf. She had recognized something in this young girl that she had carried herself not long ago. A determination to find her fate and pursue it. She sighed, embracing herself. There had been something else in the girl, something that stirred Anás memory and she wished she could remember what. She would write to her mother about. Maybe the wise older lady would have all the answers.  

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