Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 4

So got up early, went to the gym. Gonna feel that tomorrow! Came home and started soup, then our neighbour came around and we let him in on our project, he was fairly supportive, but not quite sure if it could be done. Talked to S about the Kindle today and we are really leaning more and more towards getting one, especially now that so many of our friends have one and they have the added feature of sharing your books with other people.
Faced a new unforseen challenge today. If our budget is stuck on 20 euroes a week how do we account for eventuel guests dropping by and eating with us? We solved the problem today by making enough soup for 4 instead of two, but gods know what will happen next time around. Everyone enjoyed the soup luckily and the greek bread with olives which can easily last us for another night and then some. Tomorrow we are going to have to go buy milk and maybe bread with the last money we have this week, but there should be money left over for it even if it means that we will just and so meet the budget for this week.
Signed up for various sportsactivities and still feel the spark that initially inclined me to join the gym. It was hard seing all the skinny high school girls today, but luckily there was also people who looked a bit more like me.
The lack of sugar in my diet has started to affect how awake I feel at later hours of the day. I feel tired now and it is only 8 pm. Talked a bit with my foster-mum today who seems to be doing well after her last chemo treatment. She reckons that once my bloodsugar has stabelized I will be fine with staying up late again. Fingers crossed!

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