Sunday, 10 April 2011

The year begins

The year 2011 will be...
The year I finally go through with my plans to make a commitment to changing my life to the better. I recently got married, we have a lovely home and all that, but things are missing that it was hard to put my finger on. Then we watched No- Impact man and allthough I don't give much for his radical methods of achieving his goals, I still support making a life-long change of how you view the world. Movies like this are suppose to encourage us to think about how we impact the envirrontment around us, how we can make a difference etc. So when we went to bed last night I compiled a list of what I want to change about myself in the year to come. There will be slip-ups, and it will be hard not to relapse into a normal consumer habit of shopping, but it is worth a try and in the end if he really makes a difference for me and my husband, then maybe I too can inspire other people to make small changes in their lifes.

My pledge for the next year is;
No more buying
- Clothes, as our closet is already packed to the limit. It is okay to buy a belt or new shoes if they get worn out or weightloss requires us to do so. Hopefully in the end of the year when we have both achieved the looks we want for ourselves, we can splurge a bit on clothes that fit us better. Clothes that we never wear will be given away to charity.
- Books: We are buying a kindle for our weddingmoney and within a year it should have paid itself off if we don't buy anymore normal books. Other than using the Kindle the next year will be dedicated to using the local library instead. It is good excercise and it is better for the envirrontment if we take part in a general sharing policy.
. Snacks or fast-food: If it is not for both of us, then it is a no no. We are setting a low budget for food and making meal plans to try and save money by not being spontanius consumers. Also included in this is a wish to have a more healthy diet where local foods are our focus and added the additional smaller portions sizes as we both eat more than we really need to! To live a more healthy life-style we are also not drinking any sugary drinks or eating candy on weekdays. As we want to start this project on a realistic level we will cut down to only weekends and then later maybe choosing one day a week where we can have a bit of candy.
Food we would like to make ourselves; Own sauces, bread, jam, cordial etc.
Last but not least, busses are off the agenda and pushbikes are on. I for once wish to excericise for at least an hour everyday.

Hopefully this blog will reach other people and make them consider if there are any small changes they might make, but they have been lacking the motivation to do!

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