Saturday, 16 April 2011

The dreaded weekend

Dam dam daaaaaam. Weekend is upon us and that would normally mean sitting and playing online games while chugging down everything sweet or salty in the house. But because of my unfortunate day during the week, there will be no candy or crisps for me. I am sort of okay with it, but I know it will be flipping hard once we get to dinner time as my husband is not following the same diet as me.
My funk dance class on sunday is cancelled (booo) so might have to just train normally after  my No stress team (yeah lets see if that works)
Watched two very inspirational movies yesterday that the hubby had "borrowed" I do not openly support downloading things, but seing as we are both relatively unemployed cinema trips and movie renting is not something we can afford. So first movie was City of Ember with Bill Murray as a very unsympathetic mayor who ate all the food. It was odd because without having seen the movie, I have often dreamt of a similar city. It was very inspirational to see how people with no resources had still managed to find a way to support themselves and build a city where everyone played an important job. And without spoiling too much, there is the most magnificiant sunrise in the movie.
The 2nd movie was 127 Hours which was disturbing on a very soulsearching level. Not that we live a life in the fast-lane, but one would like to think that one cares enough about family and friends to always let them know that you are safe and such. Sadly most of the people I know who have moved away from home hardly talk to their parents, let alone tell them where they go. It brings it into perspektive that we in our town right now have a psycho running around machinegunning random people down in the local woods. He killed a couple walking completely at random, could have anybody, could have me as I sometimes larp there, could have been my friend who lives 2 mins away or her parents who often walk their dog there. But as it turned out it was a doctor and his wife walking, 4-6 shots each and left to die and be found by a dogwalker. They had no chance of saying goodbye or telling their teenage daugther that in spite of how she acts they still loved her. I recently told my foster-parents how much they mean to me and how proud I am that they would ever consider me their daugther. I was lucky as many people have pointed out, to end up with a nice and loving family and not in a home, but when I was growing up I don't think I appreciated it as much as I should have. For me it was lovely having parents who let me roam wild and siblings who just accepted me, but it was also sufficating at times being the middle child out of 4, it was hard getting responsibilities that should have been saved for when I was older. But I love my parents and it would break my heart if something similar happened to them.
So in the true Jerry Springer spirit, take care of yourselves and eachother!

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