Tuesday, 17 January 2012

2012 here we go.

So far 2012 has been pretty uneventful in many ways, still no job/babies/published work of any sort. But I will always look back at the first month of January 2012 as the time when I realized that I am really grown up now. Turning 18 or 25 didn't really do the trick for me, I mean it is only a number after all. What really got me was the realization that I for the first time in my life have started looking at houses, seriously considering starting my own buisness and have actively moved to make plans to have things published, including a serious plan for when I have to have things written.


Is the house I have fallen in love with and although it won't be that we will be moving in to, it gives me a good idea of what I will be looking for in the future. It is on a quiet road, 2 mins away from 3 different food stores, an organic farm sale and a school. Sadly the roof would need to be replaced completely and the basement is in danger of flooding, so not going to happen.
Anyway, the next couple of months will be busy if I am to complete any of my projects. Of books I am currently working on:
My NaNo novel which has been left to die and needs to be revived or I will never finish it. Then I will leave it a couple of months before editing I think, because...
I am also working on a draft to submit to Black Library in their open submission window. I know this is very ambitious, but at this point a no will probably fail to make me very sad. It is a long shot with a firm that I know   very well by name and reputation rather than spending eons of time trying to find a publishing agency that print my genre.
Last but not least there is an erotic paranormal thing brewing in the back of my mind that I don't quite know what to do with and the Star Wars story that I have been writing for me and the husbands characters. Much writing, not so much editing (have to take advantage of this whole being unemployed buisness)
I promised a list of what I have done this week so here it is:
- I went to the gym!
- I just cleaned the spare room!
- I had no red meat what so ever, not even at the birthday party (okay lying as I had approx. 2 bites of the Mousakka) I had chicken once, fish twice and then vegetarian the rest of the week.
- I was socially active and went out 3 days in a row plus I had my sister visiting me the rest of the time.
- I took on an editing project for a friend for free (yes I am that much of a sucker) to create an international editing career which would suggest that I should start looking more into buisness plans for setting up homepages and paypal for future clients.
- I finally saw the end of a very long struggle with the department of financial dealings and got my inheritance from my grandfather, just to be told that I can't spend it because they haven't figured out tax reductions yet. But with that in mind it should be over pretty soon, which deeply pleases me as I am not sure how long I could deal with the bastards dragging it on. I still miss him on a big scale and constantly being reminded of the fact that his loved ones can't get closure has not been very helpful in the whole recovery process.I hope this time we will see the end of it and be able to get some of the well deserved closure we need.
My creative project this month might very well end up being this;
http://www.anettelyskjaer.dk/2917-2/  (sorry for the text being in danish, but you get the drift)
It is a imagination catcher and I think it is cool!
My cooking project will be this when I find some canned pumpkin!;
This page is my new favorite place to eat with my eyes btw! Most of the recipies are a bit advanced for me, but they look sooooo good.
Anyway, toodles!


  1. Buy butternut squash. Halve it. Put in ovenproof dish and bake for about 45 min at 175 (or something like that, it's not a soufflé so it's not that important). Poke it with a knife once in a while to see if it's gone soft (in the head *badum tscish*). Take out, scoop out of the peel and leave to strain a little bit while cooling. How much you strain it depends on how "wet" you want your puree to be.

    Voila freshly made pureed pumpkin AND pumpkin juice guaranteed additive and BPA free ^^

  2. Thanks Jasmin, might just try that if I can get any butternut from the organic marked. They should still have some as it is the end of the season after all.

  3. Other squashes and pumpkins are fine too, the butternut just tastes more pumpkin-y than the rest :)