Sunday, 29 January 2012

New year, new projects!

Sometimes life can catch up with you a bit without you actually noticing until it is too late. This week I was fortunate enough to be able to set up play-dates with various friends that live far away, so that we could finally catch up on all the things going on in our lives. One friend is getting married and I wish her all the luck in her marriage, but with another wedding-invitation and her wedding being the 7th in the last year alone I have slowly come to the realization that we are all getting older a lot faster than I thought it would ever happen. I have always hung around a crowd with slightly older people and didn't put much thought into the fact that they were getting married and having children, but now people my own age are tying the knot and I find myself astonished that I got to this age so fast. If the first 1/3 of my life has already passed before my eyes how fast will the last 2 parts zoom by? A friend comforted me with the fact that today you are not truly that much of a grown-up when you get married or have children, but when you get divorced or re-married. Guess I still have a couple of years until I am a grown up then ;)

2012 has already been a good year for meeting new people and honor my oath to various gods that I will try and share more of myself with others. This also entails finally sharing some of my work with a general public. Together with the talented photographer Rabbich I will be undergoing an attempt at a very ambitious project from this week and a year onward. The following is his DA page that he will hopefully be able to continually update during the next couple of months:

What the project is I can't reveal yet, but it will be grand, it will include creative parts from both of us and it is free for everyone to enjoy. We will encourage people to give us suggestions for themes and the like later on, but right now we are plenty caught up in finding new and wonderful sides of each-other's art to even contemplate bringing in other people.
This coming week also marks the first time I will be doing official work with my husband as we are photographing an Anime con, something that will hopefully bring us loads of experience in working together. All in all this week seems to be sizing up to be busy with a deadline for the first draft of characters for my new book coming along, a couple of projects I have yet to finish lurking around in the back-ground and various other menial tasks to sort out during the week.  

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