Saturday, 12 November 2011


And so what? Deeply fascinated by all the people getting married today because they felt it would bring them luck from the universe and make them special. I will let in on a little secret; if you get married on a day like today you are not special because you are sharing it with a million gizilion others. Your date of marriage should be important because it is the day you are signing yourself over to that one special person, not just because the numbers were right. Numbers will not make your marriage a happy one nor will it keep you out of discussing the dishes or the toiletseat. Congratulations on making this decision and engaging in what will perhaps be one of the most important days of your life, lets leave it at that.

NaNo score says 12,5k, so working my way upwards and beyond. I had to write a sex scene today that I had not quite expected to write until this morning were it would not leave my mind. I am no good at sex scenes, not because I am prude or anything like that, but because I find myself giggling because describing his throbbing member seems so fanfic. To me my characters should enjoy the same freedom of choice as I have, so they chose to not show the scene in details but just end the paragraph at kissing and start the next one after insemination had taken place. The aliens will definately have a problem with this free will stuff that the humans have. Maybe this is why the mayor is brain-washed? I found out that the reason why Melissa Farley was so angry and evil has something to do with Aelfrec who seems to have started all the mess by leaving her for Cat and now he is hiding out as a cow (yeah he can't turn back or he doesn't want to turn back?)

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