Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day 3 of NaNoWriMo

First off for the people who wondered where the food-stuff/project went, don't worry we are still doing it, it is not going as well as we had hoped, but trying to get it under control in a sense that I know where our money is disapearing to! This blog has been reactivated for NaNoWriMo instead because frankly that is pretty much what takes up most of my spare time at this point. That and the Firefly larp which is pretty much under control.

So I managed to clock up 4500 words all in all with the help of wonderful german inspiration. Thank you Angentel! For some reason a mysterious cow seemed to cause me more trouble than it was worth. Still can't quite figure out how it got there or what it wants me to do with it, but I did manage to make a good hiding place out of it. Maz discovered what the Time and Space Consortium was and did not seem impressed, neither by the fancy pink space ship or by Prof. Darwin Willard (still not quite sure about the name, might change it) Think the robots have pretty much fixed themselves now by looking a bit like WoW robots, just bigger. Luckily it will be a while before I have to deal with them, possibly not even during this NaNo.
Spent some time on the NaNo forums discovering more nice people who will make this a journey worthwhile. It seems like the Write-in tonight might actually happen, in any case I will go and see if anyone else shows up. If no people show up I will go home again and have another fiddle with the damned writing program. Maybe I should just stick to Word for now.

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