Wednesday, 16 November 2011

NaNoWriMo all year round?

So we reached the half way point in days... I am not half way through my novel. Although I can now boost of 22000 written words my novel in itself is probably more like 1/3 through the story-line that I had planned. So far I am still not decided on how the complete novel will look. Will I have to split it into 2 books because there are many more ideas for characters that I want to use? Or do I just stick with one very long novel? I guess time will tell when I get to the other end. Right now with some growing of a spine I will be ready for putting this into the editors by late december/early january which is more than acceptable. The big question on my mind now is what happens after NaNo. Should I make it a bi-monthly thing where I just sit down and force myself to write those pesky 2000 words that authors are supposed to be able to produce a day to call themselves succesfull? Maybe it would be less intense if I lowered the word count pr day and instead tried to create something that was actually worth reading. All these questions can only be answered with; time will tell.

Oh btw. Played and finished Space Marines, meh...

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