Sunday, 6 November 2011


Very short blog as I am very very tired after 48 hours of constantly being pushed and pulled around by other people. It was fun, not amazing, but fun. Food was nice, most of the people were nice, I got to go to a fancy dress party and wear a mask while sipping champagne and eating Hours Douvers which turned out to be poisoned if you got the wrong ones. (of course only in the game silly nilly, although Salmon snack kills four LARPers would probably make headlines)
Came home to an email from one of the most inspirational people I know; Mrs Amanda Palmer. I linky linked her new song beneath:
<3 Love Amanda Palmer and after this I must learn to play the Ukulele!
And here is her blog about said song:

PS: This week we tried something new with ze foodbudget and I am proud to say that we are 10 Euroes under budget!

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