Wednesday, 9 November 2011


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Greetings Ma Chara (my friend).
Rereading Hitchhickers Guide to attempt to bring some space into my story but sadly my characters have decided otherwise. Maz wants to get drunk, Farley wants to be important and Catherine... Well I don't know what Miss Firefly (Would she technically still be mrs even if her husband is a cow?) wants but I bet you anything that it doesn't involve torture, humiliation or questioning in front of hundreds of people on a cold april morning.
Found out that although I love Gaelic and wish that I remembered it better from my childhood days it comes slowly to me these days and remembering all the expressions is a pain in the butt when you have a druid who insists on using the language all the time. He wasn't planned, the group was not planned, the scene was not planned but I needed Maz to know for sure that Cat was the one he was searching for all along and even now that sounds cheesy in my head.
On a less creative note I am reading about buisness management and optimizing your workforce in a positive way were they can feel they are contributing to the changes that are happening. It is a bit dull so I have to keep telling myself that maybe some day when I have my own firm and need to use my HR back-ground it will come in handy knowing what questions to ask. Anyway, time to finish up the last 60 pages of school work so I can go make these two things:
Toffee apple crumble

AND do some swaps I am behind on AND do some wordsprints on NaNo. Will there be enough hours in the day? Only time will tell

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